Things you may not know about Sarah

  1. Her favourite colours ever are 1. 100% cyan and 2. 20% magenta / 80% yellow.
    Sarah's palette
  2. She was dyslexic.
  3. She loved chocolate very much.
  4. She would have liked to thank her art teacher Martin Rhodes for having faith in her potential.
  5. Wearing scarlet lipstick cheered her up.
  6. She admired Tony Ross and Dave Grohl was her hero.
    Tony Ross and David Grohl
  7. She once bumped into Lionel Bart ( the man who wrote Oliver! The Musical) at the Design Museum opening. She was so in awe of him that She could not talk. She wanted to say she really admired him but didn't. She so regret it that she always said things and did stuff so she would not regret missing out.
  8. She had a framed picture of her with Westlife.
  9. She always had her sketch book with her. She said drawing kept her sane - well a little bit.
    Keeping sane
  10. She talked on the phone a lot.
    She talked on the phone a lot
  11. She had a wicked sense of humour.
    Wicked sense of humour
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